5 Reasons Why Spirituality Can Get Scary

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Spirituality is not always “sunshine and rainbows”. But, for some reason, a lot of people assume that it is.

I know based on observation that a lot of people get into spirituality because of trends. Let me make one thing clear, spirituality is not a trend. It is a mystical and powerful self-care practice that you should not take for granted.

How can spirituality be scary?

When you stumble across some “cult-like” spiritual communities, have no control over your ego, and do not face your inner demons, things can get scary.

In this post, I will share “5 Reasons Why Spirituality Can Get Scary”. Please continue reading to discover the hidden dangers of spiritual practices and how to avoid them.

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why spirituality can get scary

5 Reasons Why Spirituality Can Get Scary

This post is not meant to scare you.

I intend to share key points to look out for. This way, you will not be lost in the dark when certain situations arise during your spiritual journey.

I want to get you out of the mindset that spirituality is some sort of joke. Also, it is not for entertainment purposes. In other words, if you want entertainment, visit a circus.

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Facing Your Demons

The word demon comes from the Latin “daemon” or spirit, and the Greek “daimōn” translates to “deity, guiding spirit, or divine power”.

You may have learned that the devil or your demon is outside of you. Well, this is not the case!

Your demons and angels lie within you. These are energies that you create and have to deal with. Are demons physical? Not always, however, we believe that when you put enough energy towards a thought, it will manifest into your reality.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “The devil made me do it”?

It is easier to point fingers at others when you do not want to accept responsibility for your actions, emotions, and thoughts.

What does it mean to face your demons?

For the record, demons are all the pinned-up attachments and emotions due to past traumatic events and stress.

When you face your demons, you have to be open to dealing with your life problems. Additionally, it means facing your fears. Ignorance, denial, and finger-pointing will make your spiritual practice extremely difficult.

I would know firsthand because of personal experiences on my own spiritual journey. My dreams would turn into what seemed like nightmares. Now I realize that I was dealing with a lot of mental stress.

How do I face my demons?

There are different options that will help you with mental growth.

Firstly, I highly recommend journaling! It is one of the best ways to express your emotions and thoughts. Writing in a journal allows you to analyze situations by comparing and contrasting. This is good for keeping a personal record for personal development.

Another option is to seek professional help. If you are not able to solve your mental problems on your own, I would suggest finding a reputable therapist.

What makes this all scary is the fact that not all people can handle “shadow work”.

Facing demons in spirituality

The Ego in Spiritual Practice

According to Sigmund Freud’s theory of personality, the ego is the part of the mind that mediates between the unconscious and conscious and is responsible for our sense of self. When it comes to spirituality, the ego can create fear and resistance because it wants to maintain control and protect our self-image.

The ego tends to identify strongly with our beliefs and experiences, making it difficult for us to consider alternative perspectives. It can also make us fearful of losing our sense of self or being judged by others for exploring new ideas or practices.

However, by recognizing the role of the ego in our spiritual journey, we can learn to detach from limiting beliefs and embrace new experiences without fear or judgment. By doing so, we can open ourselves up to new spiritual insights and growth.

Spiritual ego inspirational quote

When Spirituality Becomes Consumerism

I get it.

Aesthetics are important for the people who need them to be motivated.

We love our crystal gemstones, witchy fashion, tarot cards, and candles. But these are not required and should not be the focus of your spiritual journey.

Spiritual consumerism causes a blockage on your path. You can own all the cliche witchy items, but will those items create your dream life? No.

Sure, when I light a green candle for a money spell, it could help me focus on ways to attract wealth and fortune into my life. However, the candle will do nothing but just “be there”. Do you understand?

Do not get sucked into buying these items on a consistent basis because they are only tools. It is your responsibility to make changes in your life for personal growth.

Besides, showing off means you may be coming across as a spiritual poser instead of a student seeking spiritual enlightenment.

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Cult Mentality in Spirituality

Some studies show that there are well over 3000 cults located around the world.

The cult mentality in spirituality is a real phenomenon that can make it challenging for some people to feel comfortable exploring new spiritual practices or joining certain groups.

A cult mentality can develop when a group becomes overly focused on a specific set of beliefs or practices, and members are discouraged from questioning or challenging those beliefs.

This can create a sense of fear and control, where members feel pressured to conform to the group’s norms and beliefs. In extreme cases, this can lead to harmful or abusive behavior, which can be especially challenging for individuals who are seeking to explore spirituality in a safe and nurturing environment.

However, it’s important to remember that not all spiritual communities are like this, and there are many groups out there that offer a supportive and inclusive environment for those looking to explore their spirituality.

By doing your research and staying true to your own values and beliefs, you can find a spiritual community that is right for you.

Your Spiritual Practice Attracts Negative Energy

The truth is, there are people who find out about your spiritual practice and automatically feel threatened.

It could be your parents, family, friends, or even those who follow you on social media. These types of people are what we call “energy vampires“. They may talk behind your back and create outrageous lies about you. On some occasions, things can get physical.

spiritual attack from energy vampires

But why is this even a thing?

Well, it is because they have issues with themselves that they have to deal with. As a result, when they see you trying to make a change in your lifestyle and way of thinking, envy takes over.

I highly recommend using your better judgment when it comes to expressing your spiritual work with others and accepting advice/criticism.


In this blog post, you discovered five reasons why spirituality can be a frightening experience. From encountering unexpected emotions to confronting the unknown, spirituality can push us outside our comfort zones and challenge our beliefs. But, despite the fear that may arise, embracing spirituality can lead to profound growth and transformation.

By acknowledging and working through these fears, we can unlock new levels of understanding and connect more deeply with our inner selves. So, if you’re feeling hesitant about exploring your spirituality, know that it’s natural to feel scared. Take the leap, face your fears, and discover the incredible potential that awaits on the other side.

What steps have you taken to overcome any fears or concerns you may have had while practicing spirituality? Leave a comment below, I am curious.

5 reasons why spirituality can get scary

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